How To Best Prepare Your Home For Professional Foundation Repair


The kind of soil beneath your home is one of the most crucial factors to take into account while building a house or business facility in Texas. This is because expansive clay-based soils found in Texas are prone to swelling and contracting depending on the amount of moisture the ground obtains. Whether designing or repairing a slab or pier and beam foundation, it is…

What Is Rock Strata And How Is It Beneficial For My Home’s Foundation?

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It’s crucial to have the proper foundation in place before you can start building a structure of any type. This is true for both modest family residences and multi-story commercial structures like hotels and shopping centers. To support their weight, they all need a solid and robust substructure. However, despite their capacity to disperse the weight of the walls uniformly across the ground, foundations must also keep water from entering the lower-grade floors. 

How Do I Know If My Foundation Is Sinking?

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It goes without saying that dirt settles. Over a very long period of time, the earth beneath your home has shifted and created several distinct strata. Every layer has unique qualities, and this has a significant impact on the structure and foundation above. The foundation may start to sink…