How To Best Prepare Your Home For Professional Foundation Repair

professional foundation repair
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The kind of soil beneath your home is one of the most crucial factors to take into account while building a house or business facility in Texas. This is because expansive clay-based soils found in Texas are prone to swelling and contracting depending on the amount of moisture the ground obtains. Whether designing or repairing a slab or pier and beam foundation, it is very important to understand the type of soil your foundation will be built upon.

If you have made the exciting decision and taken the initial steps to start foundation repair, you might believe it’s now the time to relax and let the experts do it. While you are basically right about that, there are a few things you need to take care of before any procedures can start. 

Before beginning repairs, looking at methods you may safeguard the inside and outside of your property for the safety of your house and its occupants. Homeowners can seek help with assistance by Pierman Foundation Repair to prepare their buildings for both major and minor foundation repairs. Some of the most helpful advice about preparing your home for your professional foundation repair is provided in the list below:

Start with a Foundation Inspection

It’s crucial to arrange an examination before you call your local go-to foundation repair specialists (like us here at Pierman Foundation Repair!) to schedule repairs for recently discovered issues.

You might ask yourself at this point: “But why shouldn’t I immediately call someone out to repair it if I know what’s wrong?” This is a good question, and the answer lies in the fact that no two foundation repairs are the same. A greater problem may also be indicated by symptoms like cracked concrete or a broken door and window frames. 

Filling up a concrete fissure can be likened to applying a band-aid on a leg that has been severed! With our professional services, a foundation repair assessment will assist our team member in locating the damage’s origin for creating a solution strategy that is unique to your home for the best possible outcome.

Prepare Your Landscaping Prior to Foundation Repair

You might need to think about removing plants from the outside of your property depending on how much work has to be done on the foundation of your home. Our experienced team can remove any relevant plants or trees and replace them when the job is over is an option for properties that will require extensive landscaping.

Give the Foundation Repair Team Room to Move

To achieve unhindered access to the inside and outside of your home’s foundation, just like with any significant home repair job, a team member needs plenty of room to maneuver repairs. Horror stories about foundation repair services frequently start with the crew becoming hindered by obstacles, like:

  • Old wood or sheet metal
  • Cars
  • Garbage
  • Furniture
  • Storage items, such as lawn maintenance tools
  • Landscaping obstructions, such as trees, plants, and decorative rocks

Secure Your Furniture and Interior Items

In terms of interior design, you can never be too careful when preparing for construction! Before the job starts, secure your furnishings and delicate décor. Here are some pointers for securing your furnishings prior to your foundation repair:

  • Remove any decorative items, artwork, and ornamental elements from your walls or other unstable areas that can be easily shaken. Although the mild lift from the foundation repair won’t trigger seismic shaking, it might cause objects to move or tumble off the wall.
  • Larger, heavier items like large appliances and furniture should be firmly fastened to prevent floor scratches. In order to protect your furniture from dust and residue, it is also a good idea to cover it with a drop cloth.

Pierman Foundation Repair will backfill the area that was dug up when the work is finished, maintaining a beneficial grade. Keep in mind it can take up to a year for the earth to settle completely. We will follow up with the replanting of any trees, shrubs, or flowers that may have been displaced by reconstruction work.

To safeguard and maintain your home’s integrity, Pierman Foundation Repair provides the best and most complete repair work. Every home receives the same care as our own dwellings would. The team at Pierman is dedicated to earning your trust by providing the highest caliber of customer service.

For more information, or to schedule a professional evaluation today, give us a call at (580) 453-0330. You can also visit our website to learn more about the foundation piering process that corrects and stabilizes your home’s integrity for many years to come.