The Best Places For A French Drain Installation Location


A French drain is a straightforward drain that will safeguard your property and landscape, even though it may sound like a complicated plumbing item. You may construct a French drain to drain your property yourself, or you can hire a local professional drainage systems company to create one for you. Whether or not you will profit from a French drain depends on its specifications, but the following problems might just merit a professional installation on your property.

Basement & Lawn Flooding

It is common for homeowners to experience flooding in their underground basements every year. Essentially, in the absence of a drainage system, there is nowhere else for the groundwater to go, and so it finds its way inside the home. A French drain will use gravity to transport water away from home and to a secondary location. 

Your House Is At The Base Of A Slope

Your home’s location might have been quite appealing when you bought it, but a property on the lowered ground requires drainage assistance from a French Drain. As a result of gravity drawing water to the house during a downpour, a home like this will be highly susceptible to flooding. A French drain utilizes gravity to draw the water away from accumulating on a property and can help prevent flooding.

You Need An Inexpensive Option

One of the least expensive drainage improvements you can implement on your property is a French Drain. French drains only require a small number of parts, equipment, and labor hours. There are two basic options for acquiring a French drain: you may construct one or schedule an installation. We at PIERMAN suggest hiring your local drainage professionals to complete the job to ensure it will last many years into the future while working at peak performance.

Conserving Water

Some French drains lead to a tank where the water is stored for the home. Installing a system that will filter the water before it is returned to the residence can be done by hiring a plumber. If you live in a place that consistently gets rain throughout the year, you may go off the grid by capturing rainwater, which is a great method to reduce your water consumption in the home.

The Best Locations For Optimal Drainage

One of the greatest methods to reduce drainage issues like wet lawns, soggy lawns, and regular foundation repairs is to install a French drain. This drainage system consists of a pipe with perforations that directs surface and subsurface water away from a wet region by way of a trench filled with rocks, ideally granite owing to its durability. French drain installation is often simple and affordable.

Given that it uses gravity to maintain a yard free of excess rainwater, the greatest place to put a french drain is frequently downhill. By excavating with a 1% gradient, one may efficiently use gravity to construct an artificial slope. Next, the trench walls are covered with a water-permeable cloth, and boulders are placed within the trench.

The holes on the perforated pipes are then placed inside so that water may readily drain out. Suitable aggregate should then fill the trench to just above ground level. The leftover fabric must be used to enclose the French drain in the final stage of construction. For optimal efficiency in the task of draining your yard, it is often advisable to locate a suitable french drain installation placement in the following locations:

Around the house

A French drain’s main objective is to send water away from a particular location. Installing it around the home prevents water from flooding the foundation and keeps it dry.

Low Areas In The Yard

The low spots on the grass are more likely to collect water, making them drenched. The water will be sent to your selected position for drainage when a decent french drain is installed in a region like this, allowing the grass a chance to thrive.

Next To The Retaining Wall

Building a retaining wall is necessary if your yard shifts often and is unstable. This is a perfect opportunity to install a French drain behind the wall. Rerouting the water flowing downhill will preserve the integrity of the retaining wall. The gravel base supporting the wall should be level with the pipe.

Need Professional Assistance?

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